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T25 Upper Focus

Doubled up my workouts again today … cuz I just can’t get enough Shaun t!!Warmup was CIZE — and I danced my

Insanity Pure Cardio

Why cardio?  Because it ROCKS the fat burning!!!  Why insanity?  Because it is a total game of your mind and p

The 100 AB Challenge .. and a GIVEAWAY!

We’re getting all organized and ready to KICK OFF the 100 AB challenge! I just set up the official Facebook group for t

Weighted Cardio

What to know how to burn a million calories? Add weights to your cardio! Oh .. and have Tony Horton in your living room kicki

Not enough TIME?

How much extra time do YOU have in your day? It’s fascinating to me that we all have EXACTLY the same 24 hours each day

Kicking off the SPRING Fix … with WATER!

It’s FINALLY here!!  SPRING 🙂  We survived the dark, cold winter.  The sun is shining.  The grass is coming up.

FIGHT for your Health!

My health is worth fighting for. And yours is too! My family is worth me taking the time to work on ME — so I can be my

SPRING FIX Registration is closing in 24 hours!

Have YOU registered yet for our SPRING FIX challenge? Just in time for SPRING .. we’re FIXing our habits — and YO

KENPO X — Day 46 of 90 in P90X

Today’s workout was KENPO X from P90X … a whole lotta AWESOME!!! How was YOUR workout today? Did you sweat? Did y

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